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Which documents can I find on My Liantis?

My Liantis, your personal platform for everything related to self-employment and personnel management in Belgium. Depending on the role you have in your customer profile, employer, employee, self-employed, accountant or prevention adviser.... you can find other documents on My Liantis.

  • Employer: As an employer, you can access Employment contracts, Certificates and declarations for employees, Bank lists, Payment statements, Accounting documents, Invoices, Individual accounts, Tax sheet 281.10 and Statement 325.10, Pay slips, social balances...
  • Employee: As an employee, you can find your own Payslip, Attestation of Employment, Holiday Attestation, Individual account, Tax sheet and a number of attestations for prevention and well-being.
  • Self-employed: As a self-employed person, you can access Invoices (due date notices), Tax attestations, Career attestation, Attestation free of debt....
  • Accountant: As a accountant, you can access the above-mentioned customer documents as in their role.
  • Prevention advisor: For prevention advisors, specific documents are available relating to workplace safety, risk analyses and health policy.