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How can I register an employee for the Federal Learning Account (FLA)?

As a result of the labour deal, employees have an individual training right and organisations with at least 20 employees must prepare an annual training plan. The government now wants to introduce an additional obligation for employers with the 'Federal Learning Account': a digital tool where you manage all your employees' training.


What is the FLA?

The 'Federal Learning Account' or FLA is a digital database containing all data relevant to listing and managing your employees' training entitlements. It allows your employees to check at any time how many training days and/or hours they are entitled to and what training they have already attended.

The FLA is mandatory for all private sector employers, regardless of the size of the company.

Obligations for employers
The FLA entails a lot of additional administrative obligations:
You must register or verify the number of training days to which an employee is entitled in a given year, the training days or hours attended and the training courses themselves in the application in a timely manner. At various times, you have to perform actions in the application, such as: 
  • At start-up, you have to enter all the registration details of your employees once, along with the verification of the training entitlement for all employed employees. This must be done within six months of the FLA becoming operational; 
  • When an employee joins, you do a registration of all data and verification of the training entitlement within 60 calendar days from the date of joining; 
  • Every calendar quarter, you update all data per employee, register the training courses taken per employee and verify the outstanding training entitlement. You do this update no later than the last day of the month following each quarter; 
  • Annually: registration or verification of the training entitlement per employee at the start of each calendar year within 30 calendar days. 
Supervision by the government

The government monitors and produces a quarterly list of all employers who have failed to fulfil their obligations under the FLA. This list is also published.

As an employer, you will receive a notification of this in your eBox and then be given 30 calendar days to put yourself in line.


Entry into force

The application is now available and the official launch date is 1 June. This means that every employer has until 30 November 2024 to register training already taken this year in the tool.


What will Liantis do for you?

We will soon launch a free digital tool in My Liantis where you can easily register training courses. Did you or your employees follow a training course via Liantis Academy? Then this will automatically appear in this tool, together with the certificates you have obtained. This way, you hardly lose any time with this new government requirement. You only have to enter external training courses yourself.

Moreover, we ensure that all data automatically reach the federal government and are registered for the social balance sheet. So you do not have to do any double work and are fully compliant in one go.

We will notify you as soon as our new tool is launched.


Why choose Liantis?

  • Your employees' dates are filled in automatically in advance.
  • Their training entitlement is calculated in advance (not for customers P&W)
  • Training courses attended and certificates obtained are added automatically.
  • Only-once principle: your data for the FLA and the social balance are passed on in one go. So no double work! (not for customers P&W)
  • Communication with your employees takes place entirely via our app 'Lia' (launch from May).
  • We closely monitor everything for you (e.g. which of your employees has followed which training courses).
  • Would you like extra advice and guidance? Then you can easily request it.