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Where can I manage the administration of my company online?

You can manage the administration of your independent company online via the application 'Ondernemingsloket' (Enterprise Counter) under the theme 'Organisatie' (Organisation) on My Liantis.

Managing your administrative tasks

Below the theme Organisation, you will find different applications including 'Sectorinformatie' (Sector information), 'Ondernemingsloket' (Enterprise Counter), 'Loon bedrijfsleider' (Salary Manager), NACE-codes and 'Kruispuntbank ondernemingen' (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises). 

Anyone who wants to start a business, make changes, or discontinue their business has to deal with a lot of administration. Liantis online ondernemingsloket (Enterprise Counter) ensures that you can do all this easily and online. Among other things, you can apply or request various things such as VAT number, permits. 

In addition, you can also join the social insurance fund online. You can join as a self-employed person, a company or as a collaboration partner.

If you are thinking of closing down your business, you can also do so via the online enterprise counter. You can find more information about stopping your business here.