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Where can I manage accesses?

On My Liantis, you have access to all kinds of applications. At the bottom left, under the 'Manage access' tab, you can consult an overview of all employees, administrators and partners who have access to your company and change, add or remove accesses.


Via the employee portal you can easily consult the employee data of your staff. You can see an overview of the employees in your company and you can add employees or adjust the details of the employees who are already in the overview. As personnel manager, you also have the opportunity to adjust a number of settings tailored to your organization.

It is also possible to invite your employees to the employee portal. This is an online environment especially for them, where they can manage their leave requests and sick reports, adjust personal data and consult documents.

You will automatically see changes in our other applications such as 'Manage absences', 'Manage time registration' and 'Approve expenses'.


Under 'Administrators' you can decide who can manage your company on My Liantis. You can assign permissions to certain applications to existing administrators or you can invite new administrators. 


You can choose to give your accountant access to data that he needs to support you, such as accounting and tax documents. When you give your accountant access to your file, it will appear under the 'Partners' tab.

Only main administrators can see the partners who have access to your company on My Liantis.

Do you no longer make use of your accountant? Then you can pass on your new accountant via your trusted contact person. The details of your contact person can be found under 'Contact'.