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How do I handle absence requests and expense reports from my employees?

Via My Liantis Employee Self Service, your employees can request their absences, extra hours and/or expenses themselves. As a supervisor or administrator, you only have to approve or reject them.

Handling requests

You will receive an e-mail when your employee has requested an absence, extra hours or expense. This email contains a link to the tool.

Under ‘Aanvragen’, you will see an overview of all open requests. The absence requests and the extra hours are listed in the ‘Kalender’ tab. All outstanding expenses can be found under the ‘Onkosten’ tab.

Via the icons you can immediately approve or reject the requests. Want to see more details? Click on the application to open it.

You can also approve the open absence requests from the team calendar, by clicking on the shaded requests.

What does your employee see?

Your employee will receive an email when the request has been processed.

An open request is shaded in the employee's calendar. After approval, the (half) day is fully colored according to the leave type.

The employees can delete an approved application as long as the month in question has not yet been calculated for wages. Illness is an exception to this and cannot be adjusted or removed in the Calendar. Only the administrator can adjust or delete the illness period in 'Prestaties doorsturen'.

Wage calculation

Complete all requests for the month before sending the calendars in 'Prestaties doorsturen' to the social secretariat.

Can't find this tile? Then contact your trusted contact person. This can be found under the theme Contact on My Liantis.

In a nutshell

  • In 'Kalender', go to 'Aanvragen' to approve or reject a request
  • The employee receives an email when their request has been processed
  • The employee can make changes as long as no wage calculation has yet been made (with the exception of illness)
  • Handle all questions before sending the calendars to the social secretariat