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What if logging in using itsme® or eID doesn't work?

Did you fail to log onto My Liantis with eID or itsme®? Find the solution to your problem below. 

Logging in using itsme®

If you failed to log in using itsme®, please visit the itsme® website and check out their frequently asked questions or contact itsme® directly to verify if something went wrong with the app. 

Logging in using eID

Would you like to log in to My Liantis using eID (your card reader)? Then you need to make sure that the eID-software has been downloaded correctly on your laptop or computer. You can download the eID-software here.

If you are experiencing trouble authenticating with your card reader, visit the eID website and read their frequently asked questions. If you cannot find a solution on their website, please contact the Help Desk of the National Register. 

Still can't log in? Then contact your customer advisor or My Liantis Support via the Help button. We are happy to help you on your way.