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I forgot my password, what now?

Forgot your My Liantis password? Don't worry, below you can read what to do. 

Check your input

Start by checking that you have entered your password correctly and that Caps Lock is deactivated. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Log in with itsme® or eID

To verify your identity, you can always log in to My Liantis with the itsme® mobile app. Another way to log in without a username or password is to use your ID card and a card reader.

Once you have logged in, you can check what e-mail address is linked to your account in your personal settings. This is also your username. Read below how to get started:

How do I log in with itsme®?

How can I log in with eID?

Create a new password

Request a link via our login page to set a new password of your choice.

To do this, enter your username on the login page and click "Next".

This will take you to the screen where you can enter your password. Just above the input field, click on "Forgot your password?

Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a link by e-mail to set a new password.

Set your new password and repeat it for confirmation.

Your password must contain at least 12 characters:

  • at least one number (0...9)
  • at least one capital letter (A...Z)
  • at least one lower-case letter (a...z)
  • cannot contain part of your (user) name

You can now log in with your new login