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How can I consult my paychecks via Doccle as an employee?

Is your employer affiliated with Liantis? Then your payrolls are automatically retrieved from Doccle.

Are you using our Lia? If so, you will find your payrolls on My Liantis under ‘ik als medewerker’ (me as an employee) or in the Lia app

What is Doccle?

Doccle is an online administration platform. You can easily receive, process and store documents.

This online system offers a lot of benefits:

  • You can find all your documents in one digital archive
  • When a new document is available, you will automatically receive a notification.
  • Your documents are always available, also via your smartphone or tablet.
  • The archive is safe, free and unlimited.
  • Less paper, that’s better for the environment.


You can consult your payrolls directly via Doccle. You only have to connect to Liantis on Doccle for this.

Follow the steps below:

  • Have your last payroll handy. At the top you will find a code for Doccle marked in yellow
  • (for example: 2JDQPM)
  • Browse to doccle.be and quickly create an account.
  • Under the Liantis logo, click on connect and enter your code.
  • Give your connection a clear name.
  • Ready! From now on you will receive your payrolls via Doccle

If you haven’t made a connection in Doccle with Liantis, then you will receive a Doccle-connect-mail after the payroll calculation. Via this mail you can connect with Liantis to Doccle in one click. 


*Please note that Doccle does not work retroactively. When you connect to Liantis, you will find the payrolls in the portal as of the next month. Payrolls from before this date can always be requested from your personnel department.