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How do I generate an overview of leave balances in My Liantis Employee Self Service?

If you use My Liantis Employee Self Service (ESS), you can easily generate overviews of the absences, balances and/or extra hours of your employees. 

Overview balances

As a supervisor or administrator, you can download an overview of all employees from your team or company.

You can also download the balances of a selection of employees by first entering the names of the employees in the search bar and then clicking on 'Overzicht downloaden'. The overview will be created and delivered to you by e-mail. 

As an employee, you cannot download an overview of your own balances. You'll see the full overview of your balances on the balance page and on your calendar.

All overviews always contain the data of the full, current year.

In the overview of the balances you will find the following information:

  • Employee: name of employee
  • Team: if applicable, the team to which the employee belongs
  • Type of absence: the type of absence that the employee has chosen, for example, statutory vacation, paid catch-up rest, and so on
  • Start date: start date of the validity of the balance
  • End date: end date of the validity of the balance
  • Balance in request: balance still in request
  • Approved balance: balance approved by supervisor/administrator
  • Available balance: the remaining balance, i.e. the starting balance from which the balances in application and the approved balances were deducted
  • Unit: unit in which the balance is expressed (hours or days)