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How do I generate an overview of extra hours in Lia?

If you use Lia you can easily generate overviews of the absences, balances and/or extra hours of your employees. 

Overview extra hours

As an administrator, you can download an overview of the flex hours worked by all employees.

As a supervisor, you can download an overview of all employees in your team.

As an administrator/supervisor, you can use the filter to make a selection of one or more employees and then download an overview of this selection.

All overviews always contain the data of the full, current year.

You can generate an overview or report via the 'Overzicht downloaden' button. The overview will be created and delivered to you by e-mail. 

As an employee, you cannot download an overview of your own flex hours. You can see the full overview of your hours worked on the extra hours page. 

In the overview of the extra hours you will find the following information:

  • Employee: name of employee
  • Team: if applicable, the team to which the employee belongs
  • Type: performance flex hours
  • Change: performance or decrease
  • Date: date of request
  • Description: optional description
  • From: start time of the hours worked
  • Until: end time of the hours worked
  • Hours: total hours worked
  • Status:
    • In application: the application was sent to the supervisor for approval
    • Approved: the supervisor or the administrator has approved the request for the flex hours
    • Disapproved: the supervisor or administrator has rejected the request for the flex hours
  • Requested by: the name of the person who registered the flex hours for the employee
  • Handled by: the name of the supervisor or administrator who handled the request
  • Reason for approval: optional reason that the supervisor or administrator gave when processing the request