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How do I register and recover extra hours as an employee?

As an employee, you can register and recover extra hours yourself in the Employee Self Service application ‘Kalender’ on My Liantis.

Access to ‘Kalender’ and the possibility to register extra hours is done through your employer.

Register extra hours

  • Via the 'Extra uren' page you can enter the extra hours worked.
  • These registrations follow the same approval flow as the absence requests.
  • Depending on the agreements within your company and the legal framework surrounding them, you can request extra hours with or without recuperation.
    • Extra hours without recuperation are paid
    • For extra hours with recuperation, after approval of your application, you will find the balance of the flex hours worked under 'saldo's'.

Recover extra hours

The hours worked with recuperation can be recovered via the tool during leave.

You can register the recovery of the extra hours worked, just like any other absence, with a click on the right day in your calendar or via the 'Afwezigheid' button.

  • Select the day on which you wish to recover extra hours.
  • Choose the corresponding absence type
  • Click on 'bewaren' to save your request to your calendar.
  • Your supervisor will be informed of your application via e-mail.