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How can I pay out flex hours to my employees?

Via My Liantis Employee Self Service, your employees can register and recover flex hours in the ‘Kalender’ application on My Liantis. In the context of the payment of flex hours, it is possible to intervene on the flex hours balance of your employees.

Intervene on the flex hours balance of your employees

As an administrator, you have the option to intervene on the flex-hour balance of your employees.

  • Go to the 'Extra uren' page in the Calendar
  • Click on 'afname'
  • Select the employee
  • Enter the number of hours you wish to deduct

You immediately see the remaining balance and can optionally enter a comment for the employee. After registering the purchase, the employee will receive an informative notification by e-mail.

Payment flex hours

The purchase of flex hours will not flow through to our wage engine. Do you want these hours to be paid to your employee? Inform your customer advisor at the month-end via 'Prestaties doorsturen'.