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Where can I find my debt free certificate?

A debt free certificate proves that you are in order with the payments of your social taxes as independent. This document can easily be downloaded from My Social Statute (Mijn sociaal statuut) on My Liantis. 

Below, we will show you in a few steps how to easily consult your documents and certificates: 

1. Log in with itsme® or eID on the online platform My Liantis

2. Welcome to your start page! Click on 'Ik als zelfstandige' (Me as an independent) in the bar on the left.

3. Next, click on 'Mijn sociaal statuut' (My social statute).

4. You are now on your social statute page. Next, click on the button 'Mijn documenten' (My documents) in the bar.

Via the button 'Attest vrij van schulden' (debt free certificate) your document will immediately be downloaded.