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How can I add an external employee to my company's calendar?

In the context of using Lia, it is useful to also add external employees to your company, so that you gain insight into all availability within your company. By external employees we mean freelancers, consultants, interim workers, partners...

Managing calendars of external employees is a Lia+ functionality and is not part of the free Lia offering.


Add an external employee

If you have already created the external employee, you can skip this step and immediately add a work schedule (next step).

  • Go to the application 'Mijn medewerkers' under the theme 'Medewerkers'.
  • Click 'Medewerker toevoegen’ at the top right and choose 'Extern'.  
  • Complete the details and add the Employee.


Add a work schedule for the external employee

  • Select the employee from the overview of 'Mijn medewerkers'
  • Continue by going to to the 'Tewerkstelling' tab. You will find:
    • the start date of employment
    • the current work schedule (if known) and the possibility to add one
    • the overview of other past or future employments

As soon as you add a work schedule for the external employee via 'Toevoegen’, this employee will become visible in the Calendar application.


Give the external employee access to his calendar in Lia

You don't have to do this if the external employee has already been added and invited.

  • Go to Manage access>Medewerkers
  • Find the external employee in the list
  • Click on 'Uitnodigen' and send your employee(s) an invitation email.
  • After the employee has set his password, he will get access to 'Kalender'. 
  • Read more about the different access rights for employees.


Absence registration for external employees

  • Once the external employees have a work schedule, they can register their absences. They can choose the same calendar types as an internal employee.
  • In accordance with legislation on cooperation with external employees:
    • it is not possible to link a leave entitlement to the balances of external employees. In principle, these employees can register unlimited absences.
    • requests from external employees are automatically approved. The supervisor or administrator does receive an informative e-mail notification each time external employees are registered.