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I want to start as a self-employed person, what steps should I take?

You are thinking of starting as a self-employed person. Super! But how exactly do you get started on this, so that you are in order with all the formalities? We show you the way through these 6 steps.

Be sure that entrepreneurship is for you

First things first: do you have what it takes to become self-employed? You may have found the gap in the market and have a fantastic business plan, but if you don't have the right entrepreneurial competencies, it can be a difficult ride. Be sure to think about this before you start your adventure.

Think about your preparation

As with so many things, it is very important to prepare well when you start as a self-employed person. You do this, among other things, by carrying out a feasibility study. This allows you to investigate whether your bright idea will bring you the necessary income in practice.

Visit an accountant

To put it bluntly: behind every successful entrepreneur is a good accountant. They care about the figures of your company and thus have a crucial, supporting role. This way you can focus on your task: entrepreneurship.

Tip: An appointment with an accountant is a good chance to practice your pitch!

Determine your company form

Which form of company are you going for? Will it be a sole proprietorship or a company? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to involve your accountant in this choice, because this does not only have consequences for the start-up formalities. Your tax system is also influenced by the answer to this question.

If you choose a company, it is best to visit a professional for the drafting of your statutes. For some types of companies (such as the NV or the BV), the incorporation is even mandatory via the notary. For other types of companies (such as the CommV or the VOF) this is not necessary and we can also help you.

If you opt for a sole proprietorship, no statutes must be drawn up.

Visit the bank

Are you looking for some extra financing? Then the bank may be able to help you further. You can then also open your professional bank account. A separate, professional bank account is only mandatory when you set up a company, but this is also advisable for self-employed people with a sole proprietorship.

Register as a self-employed person

Before you can start as a self-employed person, you must be sure that your company is registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). If you start a company (other than a partnership), the registry of the Company Court will create your company number. You then pass this number on to the enterprise counter, which will finalise the registration of the basic data of your company in the CBE.

If, on the other hand, you start with a sole proprietorship or with a partnership, the enterprise counter will take care of both the creation of your company number and the registration of the basic data of your company in the CBE.

Ready to get started? Register now via our online enterprise counter!

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We can also immediately arrange your affiliation of our social insurance fund when you register. This way you are certainly in line with your social security.