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Where can I apply for a VAT number?

Anyone who does some research about entrepreneurship will soon come across the term 'VAT number'. However, strictly speaking, this is not a correct term. In principle, it concerns a company number that you activate with the VAT services.

Company number required

Whether you start in a main or secondary occupation, you always need a company number. Every company in Belgium is linked to a company number and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE for short). Via Liantis you can easily look up a VAT number in the CBE.

If your company is subject to VAT, you need a company number with VAT activation to do business. The enterprise counter arranges this for you, just like every start as an independent. So visit an enterprise counter in your area or apply for your VAT number online.

Is my company subject to VAT?

Any company that regularly and independently carries out economic activities is subject to VAT. The majority of self-employed persons are therefore subject to VAT. Although there are exceptions. For example, there are a number of professions (which fall under Article 44 of the VAT Code) that are exempt from VAT, such as a dentist. If you carry out activities that are partly exempt, but others are not, you are subject to mixed VAT.

Apply for your VAT and company number.

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