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How do you receive payrolls digitally?

Simplify your company's payroll and have payslips sent digitally to your employees. This way you save time and money and your employees always have their payslips at hand. You can easily put digital payslips on Doccle, an online administration platform.

How do digital payslips work?

You can send digital payslips via Doccle, an online platform that allows employees to manage official documents. The government and health insurance funds also use this platform. Employees are automatically notified when a new document is available and they can easily archive their electronic payslips.

Advantages of digital payslips

Digital delivery and management of payslips is beneficial for both you and your employees:

  • saving of administrative burden, time and money associated with paper payslips,
  • payslips can no longer be lost during delivery or archiving,
  • easy to consult by your employees, also on phone or tablet,
  • Secure, free and unlimited archive of all documents.

How do I start with digital payslips as an employer?

Your employee must activate their personal electronic mailbox on Doccle. Each payslip contains a code with which your employees can connect their Doccle account to Liantis. As an employer, you can give them a boost with the Liantis information sheet about the switch to Doccle.


Let your employees start with digital payslips.

Download the Liantis information sheet about Doccle