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Where can I find my employees' payroll documents? ( As an employer )

You can find various payroll documents of your employees on My Liantis via the tile 'Ontvangen documenten'. Hereby a short roadmap

Received documents ( ontvangen documenten ) 

Start via the 'Documents' page in My Liantis and select 'ontvangen documenten' under the 'Employers' section. 

this will take you to the following page.

Via 'Uitgebreid zoeken' you can retrieve various documents.

Here you can select a specific employee, period or document type (payslip, C4, employment contract, sheet 281.10, etc.). If you then click on 'Search', the documents matching the criteria entered will appear at the bottom.

Note: Received documents only displays by default documents from the past 2 months. Adjust the dates at *Data from/to to search more extensively.