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Get started with Lia

Welcome to Lia, Liantis' employee platform.

Get started with Lia (free version) or Lia+ (paid version) and set up the functionalities your employees can use on Lia or Lia+.


Activate features

Set the features your employees can use on Lia.

Features Lia

Calendar: give your employees access to their personal monthly and annual calendar.
Sickness: activate sickness and/or work accident registration for your employees.
Commuting: let your employees indicate which days they cycle to work, for a correct payment of their bicycle allowance.
Expenses: activate the registration of expenses for your employees.

Features Lia+

Absences: let your employees register their own leave, work at home, extra hours and other absences
Work at home: activate work at home registration for your employees
Extra hours: would you like your employees to register their extra hours themselves? To guarantee correct processing, you cannot activate this option yourself. Please contact your customer advisor to agree on the best working method for your company.


Managing access

After activating the features, you need to set the accesses for your employees: who gets access to which features within Lia.

Give your employees access to the different features of Lia and Lia+ via Manage access>Employees. Read more about it here.


Invite your employees to get started with Lia

Forward this info to your employees to create their accounts on Lia.


Create your Teams (optional)

Divide employees into teams and link them to a manager? Under the Employees theme, you will find the Teams tile. Forming teams is an optional step. Read more about it here.


Add external employees (optional)

Would you like to give external employees, who are not on your payroll, access to Lia? Under the Employees theme, you will find a list of all employees. Add an external employee via the Add employee button. More info can be found here.