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How do I give my employees extra access rights to Lia?

With Lia, the new HR app for you and your employees, your employees can work independently. You no longer have to give them access. Your employees can create their own account and get access to their employee data. Help them on their way with this info: How do I log in to Lia?

Below you will find an overview of the basic rights that every employee has on Lia. On My Liantis, as an employer, you can easily give your employees access to extra functionalities of Lia and Lia+, on top of the basic rights. To do this, go to My Liantis > Manage access > Employees. There you can also see how many of your employees already have an account on Lia based on 'user status'.


Here is an overview of the different access rights for employees:


Basic rights for every employee with an account on Lia

As an employer, you do not have to set up these accesses yourself. These are standard access rights, which are automatically granted when an account is created on Lia by the employees:

    • Documents: consultation of payroll documents, training certificates of training courses followed at Liantis and medical documents via ‘Preventie en Welzijn’ (Prevention & Welfare).
    • Training offer: Liantis’ training offer for employees
    • Profile: name and address details with the possibility to report a change of address
    • Updates: communication from the employer to the employees

Additional rights granted by the administrator (employer/HR manager)

  • Balances: consultation of leave balances
  • Calendar:
    • View of personal monthly calendar
    • Registration of illness and/or commuting
    • registration of leave, working from home, extra hours and other absences (Lia+)
    • view of the team calendar (Lia+)
  • Expenses: Registration and reimbursement of expenses
  • Salary package (Lia+)

Manage access

You can use the pencil icon to change the rights of the employees. You can set up the accesses for all employees at once, by checking the box next to 'Name' and thus assign rights to your employees in bulk. In the same way, you can also revoke access to certain modules in bulk.



Invite employees

Internal employees, who are on your company's payroll, can create an account on Lia themselves by logging in via eID or itsme®. Send them this information to get started with Lia.

External employees, who are not on your company's payroll, will receive an invitation email after you have set their access rights. Read more about it here.


No ability to manage your employees' accesses?

Can't find the Employees tab? Contact us via the help button.