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Why can't I log in to My Liantis?

Since a couple of years, My Liantis is the digital access portal to our online applications. Sometimes logging in does not run as smoothly as hoped. Can't log in as customer to My Liantis? We give you some possible causes with the solution to solve the problem. 

Causes and solutions for login issues on My Liantis

You are using the wrong username or password 

Did you receive an error message stating that your login details are incorrect? Please check your username or create a new password. 

I forgot my user name, what now?

I forgot my password, what now?

You don't have an account yet

You don't have an account yet but would like to use My Liantis? Then you can contact My Liantis Support or send an email to support@liantis.be. We will be happy to help you. 

Attention, it is possible that you already have an account but are using the wrong email address. It is possible that your account on My Liantis is linked to another email address. Make sure you are trying to log in with the correct email address. 

You are using the wrong link 

Did you add My Liantis to your favorites in your webbrowser or did you make a shortcut? Check that you're using the correct link by manually entering https://app.liantis.be/myliantis in the address bar of your browser. Does it work to log in using this method, then this can point out that the link you are using in your shortcut or favorites has to be adapted. 

Try a different webbrowser

My Liantis works best if your computer and network comply to the system requirements of the website. We have listed some requirements to which your computer has to comply to guarantee a smooth working of My Liantis. You can consult these system requirements on our website.